Workshop pricelist continued...



Brake Service - £30.00  


Front and rear brakes will be tuned and balanced.  Pads and cables will be replaced where necessary


Hydraulic Brake Service - £30.00


Brake pads removed and cleaned or replaced.  Rotor removed and degreased.  Brakes bled using correct fluid.  Pistons reset and brake set up


Gear Service (inclusive of Di2) - £30.00


Gears indexed and limiter screws set.  Cables replaced or trimmed as needed. 


Hub Gear Service - From £50.00


Hub stripped, cleaned, re-greased and reassembled.  Price varies dependant on type of hub gear.


Hub Service - £25.00


Axel and bearing removed and hubs cleaned.  Bearings, sealed or loose removed, inspected and replaced as needed.  Bearings and hub service re-greased and reassembled.


Bottom Bracket Service - £20.00


Bottom bracket removed.  Frame threads cleaned, chased, re-greased and bottom bracket refitted.  In the case of push fit bottom brackets, cups and frame re-greased, bearing condition checked, cups pressed back into frame.


Bottom Bracket Fitting - £20.00


As above with the addition of frame facing where needed.


Headset Service / Fitting - £20.00


Headtube faced if necessary and prepared with grease.  Cups greased and fitted with logo’s facing forwards.  Bearings greased and inserted into cups.  Headset preloaded and nuts and bolts tightened.


Fork Fitting - £30.00


As above with the addition of steerer tube cut to length and star nut / expander bung fitted.


Chainset Fitting - £35.00


As per bottom bracket fit with fitting of chainset and adjustment of front mech.


Chain and Cassette / Freewheel Replacement - £30.00


As per gear service with the addition of fitting chain and cassette/ freewheel.


Puncture Repair - £10.00


Remove old inner tube.  Check tyre for ware and any objects protruding.  If tyre needs replacing, this will be done so at no extra labour charge.  Refit new tube, check alignment of logo on tyre and valve hole.  Inflate tyre to correct pressure.


Tubular Tyre Fitting - £50.00 (each)


This process takes a minimum of 5 day to complete but recommend and additional 24hr setting time. 



*excludes slime / superlight / specialist tubes