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The UK's premiere Revel Bikes dealer

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We offer four levels of service to keep your bike in good working order


Basic service


  • Gears and brakes tuned.

  • Nuts and bolts torqued to recommended limits.

  • Hubs, headset and bottom bracket checked for play.

  • Wheels checked for true.

  • Tyres inflated and chain lubricated.

  • Frame, fork and wheels cleaned.


General service


  • Gears indexed and limiter screws set.  Cables and transmission components replaced as required.

  • Brakes balanced and tightened.  Cables and pads replaced as required.

  • Wheels trued.

  • Nuts and bolts torqued to recommended limits

  • Hubs, headset and bottom bracket checked for play, tightened and parts replaced as needed.

  • Tyres inflated and chain lubricated.

  • Frame fork and wheels cleaned.


degrease service

£100 - Road

£120 - Mtb

  • The degrease service covers everything in an intermediate service with the addition of;


  • Brakes and transmission components removed and degreased, refitted and lubricated.

  • Bottom bracket removed, frame threads or bottom bracket shell regreased.


Strip and rebuild


  • Frame and fork are cleaned and checked for damage.

  • Condition of hubs and freehub bearings checked and replaced as required.

  • Headset removed, bearings checked and replaced as needed, regreased and refitted.

  • Transmission components and brakes degreased, serviced and refitted.

  • Inner and outer cables replaced and bars retapped.

  • Service completed as per general service.

At The Spokesman Bicycle Workshop we don't operate a booking system.  When your bike is in need of service or repair bring it to us, we'll assess the bike on the spot, quote for the work and agree a timeframe in which to complete it...EASY!

Wheel Building

wheel build.jpg
wheel build 2.jpg

At The Spokesman we build our wheels to the highest standard. 


Each wheelset is carefully considered to meet the needs of the rider.  We take into account factors such as rider weight, intended use, riding conditions and aesthetics.  This allows us to choose the appropriate build method and parts.  By building a wheel in this way we are able to maximize performance and longevity.

We build wheels for road, MTB and E-bikes.  If you have a build in mind or would like to discuss a potential build give us call on 01483 351466

Seat post removal


If you have a frame with a seized seat-post which needs removing we can help.  Regardless of whether the frame is aluminium, steel, titanium or carbon our method will safely remove your seatpost without riking damage to your frame.

You can either drop the bike into us directly or post the frameset to us.

We charge a flat rate of £100.00 - if you post your frame to us there will be an additional charge to cover the postage back to you.

Revel_Rail_Mint RS.jpg

revel rail
27.5" wheels / 165mm rear / 170mm front


revel rascal
29er wheels / 130mm rear / 140mm front

Ranger- Johnny Green Jeans Complete Drive Side FOX.jpg

revel ranger
29er wheels / 115mm rear / 120mm front

revel rover
700c wheels / 000mm rear / 000mm front





Address: The Spokesman Bicycle Workshop, unit 5 home farm, shere road, albury, surrey, gu5 9bl 


Tel: 01483 351466

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